About Us

So you really want to know how it all got started do you?


Schroomville started as a Monday night jam session among friends.  A casual meeting of the minds to bleed off the stress of the day jobs with music.  Good old Rock n Roll music.  We went from a trio, to a quartet, to a five piece, each time adding a really good player to the group. Before long it was apparent that we needed to get this thing in front of an audience again. All of us had decades of experience, both playing and performing, and the performance bug is a very difficult one to shake.

As our songlist grew, we noticed that it was heavy on Allman Brothers tunes. They lent themselves to the groups instrumentation and temperament quite well.  The very nature of the ABB songs and sound was one of open improvisation and never playing a song the same way twice. This allows Schroomville to be a tribute band and still interject a great deal of personal creativity.  After bringing on a second drummer and working up a couple of hours worth of material, we decided to go all in, and the result is what you see today.  Schroomville - The Allman Brothers Band Tribute.

As for the name? Schroomville.  Take note of the "C". Look at an ABB album cover.  Thar be shrooms all over the place.

Play on words? Yes.

Incorrect spelling of 'Shroom?  Yes.

Psychotropic drug reference? Not unless you have a guilty conscience.

Come on out and hang with us folks.  Drink, eat, dance, talk, flirt, groove.  You know. Get your Schroom on ! 


Dave Opalecky.....Guitar / Vocals

Randy Hudson......Guitar / Slide Guitar/Vocals

Gavin Perry.........Bass / Vocals

Gary Kelly...........Organ / Piano / Assorted Noises

David Porter........Drums

Eric Smith..........Drums/Percussion